Can I Join?

If you or your child are interested in taking part in the PROTECT Study, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the qualification criteria:
  • Be 8–17 years old
  • Have a recent diagnosis of T1D

There are additional criteria that must be met to qualify as a study participant; these will be discussed with you or your child.

  1. Visit the study clinic, where the study team will:
  • Discuss the study in more detail and explain what participation would mean for you or your child.
  • Talk through the potential benefits and risks of being involved in the study.
  • Ask questions and carry out medical tests to determine whether you or your child are right for the study and the study is right for you or your child.

Prior to any procedures taking place, you or your child must agree to and sign an Informed Consent Form. This document explains the study in detail, including potential risks and benefits of participation, as well as your or your child’s rights and responsibilities while taking part.

If you or your child are eligible to participate, all study-related treatment and care will be provided without charge. If you or your child decide to participate, you or your child may withdraw from the study at any time for any reason.

Ready to get started?

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